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Acecgt group has a "focus" and "diversified" business model. Acecgt group is focused on life science technology for human health and wellness in the new DNA and proteomic era. Our group businesses span in the field of medical, health & wellness, life-science technology and biotechnology investments.

Who are our subsidiaries ?


Acecgt Diagnostic Limited (AD)

We provide advanced medical molecular diagnostic (DNA based medical tests) services for doctors, specialists, universities and clinical laboratories for living.

Acecgt Life Science Limited (ALS)

We work closely with both local and international collaborators, biotech companies and research institutes for collaboration, R&D, licensing, technology transfer and commercialization for living. Moreover, we do invest and co-invest in life science companies and we look for tomorrow stars and disruptive technologies.

Acecgt NutriGene Limited (ANG)

We provide great solution for healthy and wellness matters. We are the first mover in the emerging fields of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics in the region. Nutrigenetics is the investigation of individual differences at the genetic level influencing response to diets (i.e. Diet Gene Test). Nutrigenomics refers to the application of genomics in enabling associations to be made between specific nutrients and genetic factors. Making use of personalized diets (i.e. DNA weight management program) and exercises to optimize and maintain individual in a healthy manner down at a genetic and molecular level is only the beginning.

DNA Laboratory Limited (DL)

We do human DNA profiling using the state of the art DNA technology for family and parentage relationship (commonly known as DNA paternity/parentage test) for living.



Official websites


To avoid being cheated by the misleaders towards the enterprises and customers, our companies are Hong Kong based companies and registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Hereby we declared that our legitimate websites of our group are listed out below. Any other websites are counterfeit and will be reported to law enforcement.