our philosophy

This is Acecgt's way !


Acecgt's group mission is to bring closer to the people the power of life science technology to become healthier individuals and to prolong individuals' healthy life expectancies.

What is our belief ?


Life science technology could make a big difference. We believe health is an essential part of your equation of wealth. Without being healthy, what are you going to do with your wealth! This is for yourself, your family, loved ones and etc.
Family + Friends + Life + Work + Stay Healthy + Prevention = Wealth

How do we work ?


We have an ACE team and we work closely with biotechnology and medical community around the globe. Through research and development, open collaboration, technology and knowledge sharing; these are the enablers for our group having such competitive edges over others. Equally important, Win-win-win is a must factor in our working equation. Our goal is simply making Acecgt, partners and customers all win.
We called this WIN-WIN-WIN strategy

Why are we here ?

These are the reasons why Acecgt group exists and what we value most !


Which are our interested technology areas ?


Acecgt group business model is built upon the below spectrum of technology areas. We have identified priority areas to focus on our fast growing businesses. We are talking about synergism and cooperation here in our group.


From the theory to innovation and technology and work on its commercialization is what Acecgt's all about !